Construction Document Creation in Houston

Holland Architecture provides full construction document creation for residential and commercial clients. Our architectural staff expertly translate even the most complex designs into clear, precise, and streamlined construction plans in quick timelines.

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The Construction Document Phase

Your design is complete—congratulations! Now our architects begin the technically rigorous work of crafting the design into construction drawings (CDs) that the contractors can use to build it. We employ a strategic document creation process to ensure complete accuracy alongside swift turnaround times. Our firm utilizes advanced, secure 3D computer software to edit, save, and transmit our documents securely to contractors, city authorities, and other relevant parties.

A project’s CDs are instrumental. They dictate the success or failure of the construction process—and we prioritize the work accordingly. Our firm works tirelessly to create a coordinated set of CDs for a smooth and error-free building process.

CD Development

Our firm is renowned for our thoroughness, and the CD development phase poses no exception to our professional integrity. We strategically translate all components of our designs into clear specifications and exact drawings. By consulting with engineers, our designers carefully draft foundation, framing, and connection details for a stable and longstanding new-build. Together, this information will communicate the scope of work accurately to the contracting crews. The set of drawings we develop will be integrated into your building contract.

Construction Drawings

The working drawings will display all the building’s future components, both large and small, and their respective relationships. Our architects will denote the following elements:

  • Location
  • Name
  • Size and dimensions
  • Shape and form
  • Other details

These drawings function as an assembly guideline for the builders. Component by component, your new-build will take shape into a timeless piece of architectural art.

Strategic Construction Documentation Creation

As an established architecture firm, we’ve worked alongside countless construction crews and engaged in construction project management time and time again. As a result, we’re intimately familiar with the challenges and obstacles faced on the construction site. We leverage our on-site knowledge to develop robust, comprehensive CDs. Our CDs’ detail and depth enable contractors to reduce downtime, avoid cost overruns, and eliminate redundancies.

Superior Communication from Your Architects

At our firm, communication never stops. We’re continually liaising with engineers, consultants, contractors, and other professionals. When we’re involved, discrepancies don’t exist. We prioritize superior communication with anyone and everyone involved in the design phase to prevent issues and avoid conflicts. While design changes are minimal in the construction documentation phase, we still maintain ongoing communication with you, the client, to inform you of our progress and keep you up-to-date.

Partner with Houston’s Leading Architects

Transition from design to construction effortlessly with Holland Architecture by your side. We engage in strategic CD development to launch the construction phase to a successful start. We leverage construction insight, superior communication, and advanced 3D software to deliver construction drawings in a timely and economical manner.

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